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Hey lovely,

Big Hair No Care was initially just for me, Freddie, for my own hair, I designed it with me in mind. Your interest got me to launch it, but your excitement took us to so many places! I had to check for myself that you guys really loved it, that it was something you were looking for. So we went to London, we went to Paris, we went to Brooklyn, we met so many of you during these pop-ups! At first, we only shipped from the UK, then we started shipping from Atlanta, GA too, till our suppliers couldn’t keep up anymore.

We suddenly got bigger, so we have to rethink our whole production chain. But we also have more money now, and more backing, so whilst we’re planning for our expansion, we also want to do the following:

  • Be collaborative. We’re building the brand you’ve been expecting so we need you to help us with the relaunch. We have a survey for you at the end of this note, and we’ve even created a private Facebook group where we can all hang and talk hair and protective styling.
  • Be inclusive. The black hair extensions market is worth billions of dollars, yet only 1% of businesses are black-owned. Whilst we’re improving our supply chain, we are figuring out how we can include a lot more of us, from the production chain to our future distribution channels.
  • Be ethical. We only work with synthetic fibers because the human hair trade is so unregulated, it endangers a lot of women. Although synthetic is fairer to women, it isn’t fair to the planet. We’re working on establishing a partnership with a recycling entity, so we can get the hair back from you when you’re done with it, and either reuse it or give it another purpose.
  • Be diverse. As mentioned before, it was initially for me, but that’s just one hair type! We’re coming back with a full range and even more surprises; whether your hair is curly, coily, or kinky like mine, we’ve got your back!
  • Be millennial! Jokes aside, we get it. The hair shopping experience hasn’t evolved like other retail sectors. You don’t wait around for parcels anymore, you need a customer service that gets you, and quickly, you want all the info you need before buying your next look online, you’re not just a wallet, you want a brand with a sense of community, values, who celebrates our very own black girl magic.

We want to be that brand! And you can help us to get there by telling us more about what you are longing for. We have a quick 7-minute survey for you to take, after that you can also choose to take part further by joining our Facebook group, we’ll also host focus groups later where some of you will be able to review our new ranges before they launch.

Thanks a lot for your help, and speak very soon!

Lots of love,

Freddie x