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What Are Clip-ins?

What are clip-ins?

In a nutshell? They’re simple and easy!

We know that your time is precious and there’s a million other things you need to conquer today so with our clip-ins you can clip in your extensions and go.

The way clip-ins work are by snapping onto your own hair (onto cornrows, flat twists or loose hair) using little snap clips that you open and close onto your hair. And protecting your own hair is equally important to us here at Big Hair No Care so all of our clip-ins are silicone tipped for extra comfort.

They’re super easy to install and take down meaning your install will be just as smooth as the take down.

Want to find out more? Watch our handy how to video for a live demo.

How are they a protective style?

Here’s the beauty of our extensions: they double up as great protective style solutions as of course we believe the bigger the bolder but depending on how full your own hair is and how much you want to add you can order anything from one bundle to three.

We usually recommend two to three bundles for a full install as any lengths not used can be stored away or used in style updates as we’ve found this is what gives the most classic big hair look.

Zero Drama Queen - clip-ins

from £42.00

No Stress Princess - clip-ins

from £42.00

With a super tight curl pattern our Zero Drama Queen texture is for those of us with a far more compact curly pattern. Does you hair shrink back to a tiny afro at the slightest sign of moisture?

Well this could be the texture for you.

Best described as a classic show stopping afro, the curls in this texture are nice & tight meaning you can blend with your natural curl texture with minimal effort.

Because you initially brush it until you get the texture you desire, the Zero Drama Queen covers both 3C to 4C hair types.

Not sure what your hair type is? We feel you, and remember we're here to make it easy: find your hair type here.

On the other side of the coin we have our No Stress Princess texture, which matches a fresh blowout. Big and looser in texture this texture is perfect for blending with freshly blow-dried hair or styling with stretched hair.

Right, I'm sold! Show me more!