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What Is Big Hair No Care About?

We simplify protective styling!

Big Hair No Care doesn’t require any care, repair or treatment, apart from the initial styling and perhaps a little spritz of finishing spray. That means whether you’re clipping them in before a long day at your University Library, or a busy business day with back to back meetings, BHNC is here for all women.

We want the best for your own hair!

As much as we love our BHNC collections, both our clip-ins and wigs are designed to encourage you to keep your own hair healthy and growing. From wash day tips to protective style, we want to cover all areas, still simplifying it for women, make sure to tap into all tips, tricks and tutorials to come.

We love our hair, we look after it and we like to protect it. We’re getting our hair BIG, BOLD and FLUFFY, but we’re not spending ages and a fortune on it. We’re sisters, we sprinkle that Woman Magic all around, we want to look fabulous but not at someone else’s expense.
We are team Big Hair No Care!

— The Big Hair No Care Gang

We empower women!

And that’s why we insist on staying away from the untrustworthy human hair trade. We believe in using only 100% fair hair, and that beauty should not be acquired at someone else’s expense. We aim to work with the community, finding opportunities for women to grow and thrive. We’re all about the social, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the great projects we’ve got going on!

We are a community

We want our customers (you lovely darlings) to feel part of our brand, and a part of our conversation; we try to give you as many opportunities to try our products but also to discover other “positive” hair brands. Keep an eye out for upcoming BHNC events, we would love to see you there! We have a host of ideas in the works from pop-ups to SHE Unleashed workshops as well as chances for you to run the show and take part in our shoots. We are always keen to find out more of what you love, so whenever you can, COME HANG!

We want to inspire you to experiment!

SHE Unleashed, created by our founder Freddie Harrel, is a movement based on the belief that we’re all made of dozens of characters that we tend to suppress or ignore because of life and its boxes we love to fit in so much! At BHNC we encourage self- exploration through style as a means of inspiring self-love, confidence and happiness! We are hoping our BHNC collections will allow women to try new styles, and channel new personas within themselves. Find out more by watching the She Unleashed Manifesto video. Get experimenting!

We care for your wallets!

Going for premium synthetic not only means we're not taking part in an unfair and harmful human hair trade, or that you won't have to spend hours washing, conditioning and styling another hair than yours; it also means that we are affordable! Cause you shouldn't have to break the bank to look fabulous!